Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short Story: The Two Friends

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lucy and a girl called Jane. They were best friends.

They lived in an old shack with no mother or father.

They had little to eat. So they had to sell their cow. They sold it for 100 euro. So they spent it on food and water.

So now they had a lot to eat and drink. So now they were very happy. And after a year they ran out of food and water. So they went for a walk the next day. They saw a field with lots of apples. They looked so juicy. So they went into the field and had a little picnic in the field. And then they went home, and went to bed.

So the next day they went for another walk to the field for more apples but all the apples were gone. The farmer took all the apples in. So they had to go to another field but they were too tired. So they went home and went to bed.

So the next day the went for another walk. And this time they went to the woods, and they found a dog. It was a boy so they called him, Sam and they brought him home with them. And when they got home they went to bed with Sam.

So the next day they went to the town with Sam and on the way they met a man who wanted to take them home with him, but they said NO and kept walking. So at the town they had a look in the shops and wished they had a lot of money. So after that they went home, and had some food and went to bed.

And the next day Sam woke them up with a bark. So they got up and got dressed and had some food. And went out. So they went out in their boat to an island. And had a long walk around the island. So after two hours they sat down to rest on the edge of the island, but Sam wanted to go home. So they went home in their boat. When they went home they put on a fire to get warm. And they went to bed.

The next day they went for a walk in the woods with Sam.And they climbed trees all day long until it was dark and they went home at dark. And went to bed.

So the next day they went to a field with lovely plums. So they ate some and went for another walk to another field with juicy pears. So they ate some some of them too. After that they went to the park. And after an hour they went home and Lucy got wood for a fire. So they went to bed.

And Jane woke Lucy up and Sam. Jane and Lucy got dressed. They went for a walk to a field with carrots. So they ate them. And went for another walk to the woods to climb trees for 3 hours and then they went home, and went to bed.

So the next day they went to London for Lucys' birthday. They went to live there. They met Lucy's granny. She brought them home with her. So after 20 years Lucy and Jane got lots of money.

The End
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