Friday, December 31, 2004

Primo Joe, your my best pal

Primo Joe, your my best pal, cause you speak the same language as me, BabyTalk.
Isn't it fun Joe! All this Christmas stuff, Santa, presents, and being the centre of attention.
This is a trial run, next year we'll really wrap them around our little fingers.

Here are some special pictures I've picked out from our first encounter.

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hola tia Lilly y Janet

What a really exciting day it was for me today I got a chance to meet my tia Liliana and tia Janet. They've come all the way from Paris, France with Joe, Melaine, Michel, and the slaves, well that's what Abuelo Rafa calls Michel & Rene :-).

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day Yippee

What is this day of Christmas????

It started off with Mam & Dad waking me up.
Then we all went straight to the Christmas tree, where we all got a chance to rip paper. I really enjoyed that, and sharing my gifts with Mam & Dad.

Granny Eithne and Abuelo Rafa came this visit around 11:30am.
Some great pictures.

I got my nap in and then it was off down to Nanny Noreen and GrandDad Billy.
Uncle Colm Bolm was there and I got some more paper tearing in, oh what joy.

The big dinner was held at Granny Eithnes & Abuelo Rafas.
Uncle Bob (D'GodFather) and Aoife were there too.

More paper tearing here, will this ever end? I hope not I love it.

Then back home for evening tea and a visit from Nanny Noreen and GrandDad Billy.

What a Day, I saw everyone, and now feel very tired.

What ever it is, this Christmas Day, I think it's great, and I get to see all my family, this was my first and just can't wait for next year!

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Friday, December 24, 2004

4 months old today

The one bit a major news today, I'm 4 months old.
I like this Christmas holiday, fresh trees in the house, all the family smilling and happy and Dad's on some time off also, great.
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I've caught a Foot!

Lots to catch up on. 4 months old today
It's coming up to Christmas and I got my 2nd Vaccine. Everything went fine but Mam & Dad kept a watch on me constantly for 48 hours.

I've really found my voice these last couple of days, and best of all is my singing (screeching).

Also Mam kept asking about these things called Feet. Where's my feet , where's my feet, well today I caught one, I couldn't quite get it in my mouth for some reason?

Weighted in at 15Lbs today, the food is great here at Chez PdL.

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Songs, weight, Xmas list and taste

Learned a new song this month the "ABC" song
14lbs 4oz = I've reached 1 stone mark.
Went for my first meal out, to Kambo, Thai resturant, with Mam & Dad, really enjoyed it

I'm back on the bottle, and this time I think they've got it right, nice and warm, but no biccies

Creating a list for Christmas. Mam & Dad asked me to put a list together for what I would like from Santa this year. Symths toy store was my first stop, it gave me some good ideas, next it will be off to world of wonder

Dad took me to the changing room in Tescos what an experience, the changing mat was neat, but the water was a bit hot.

New discovery for me taste. And with this I've put out my new feallers to zips to cloths to bibs to, well everything.

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